Intelligent Crew Logistics Management (ICLM)

Intelligent, integrated and flexible suite of applications empowering airlines to take control of their operations with an industry-leading mix of automation and augmentation tools configured and personalized to their unique needs.


Automation + Augmentation = Transformation

Our mission at Hotel Connections is to design and bring to life technologies that reimagine the possibilities for crew logistics management and bring CLM into the digital age. We developed our ICLM suite to realize this vision, and will continue to push the limits of what is possible.



We leverage artificial intelligence to automate up to 97% of CLM workflows, delivering an exponential leap forward in performance and freeing agents to apply their expertise to higher-value tasks, thus reducing human bias and the probability of errors.


The role of the agent is changing, and we use ICLM to augment a smaller but more intelligent cache of agents with machine-learned insights, recommendations and analytics where human judgement is required for making data-driven decisions.


ICLM empowers professional travelers to personalize their experience via their preferred channels and touchpoints, and provides the airline complete transparency into its operations to find the sweet spot between performance and cost efficiency.

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